After call of its friends

I found was that cool like he thereon-spontaneous, jolly simply he himself.
It was speak could a crazy friend with that one over EVERYTHING up
it was real reliance....I want that it wiederkommt.
M. Kempe

Everywhere where it came emerged also always good mood. With it in that
To make instruction nonsense was was actual the coolest it
Simply a class friend I will think always of it.

F. Mohrmann

It was was was there and made a correctly cool type equal what it
Good mood simply class the type. I totally will miss it.
It simply will be supposed to be missing return it.

M. Budde

It was really always cool thereon always well tempered. Everywhere where it was
then good mood came should say was how one it like some goods mood
Tablet the things that one with it experienced that has can one with
No one differently it experience is missing me!

D. Kröger

I knew it just once 4 months yet in this short time
I have know learned a correctly crazy person. I have
it seen it always only with a laughing on m face
common everywhere only good mood I can it yet not at all
I believe will miss it.

F. Sülz

It was liked was always well thereon everyone it it for everyone
a good friend and joined in was each joke he to me
Always korekt and it a smile had always on' en lips.
I will not forget you.

N. Bökemeier

Schiermchen was' n crazy type equal what it made or
Joined in has came after short time the good mood again.
All parties without it were came off go boringly yet if it then.
It constructed will be missing one again and again it what in
Our life! Would miss it......

Anna-Lena Brinkoff

I can join have only the other I Schiermchen
With bad mood never experiences.
If I would become could I it zurückholen, but it goes unfortunately
In any case we will not forget it never!

Jasmine Löhr

A part of my life as well as of us was has Dominic all it
always joke made was what with it to business it always good
thereon an optimist I do not think can always of it I it
it believe is is that away the body Dominic no longer there
but the soul I live miss further it and wished I
Could again with you laugh and could have joke.

Thrilling earth

It has had always good disposition commonly one with it always
much to laughing it a really crazy Kumpel was become. I it
I forgotten never will miss it very.


Rewards had the highest WD40 consumption in the last months
Polished in the world always, maintained and screwed again for what?
It wanted to be almost created always the fastest it it.
Schiermeier you were' n super Kumpel, until then.
P. S. you are missing me very!!


It ever was become acquainted with would have the all love fellow that I.
It had always a smile on the face.
It will be missing will miss me I it!

E. summer

It was the best what was able to happen to us!


It was is missing me a super-Kumpel. somehow it and the other
Now already and that probably always so will be.

Christian horn

Dominic becomes in my heart for one and one my best
Friends its I not simply can believe what happen there
it is was so have always a gigantic Spaßbringer. I
it in my memory and on that never becomes itself also
it change should miss something unconditionally wiederkommen. I it
Very very doll.

Tim Fiebig

I do not know write should really what I all other
everything wrote already it fehltmir and I become
Never forget it.

without name

I never become was it vergesen!! it always a crazier jollier
Type. It had miss always a joke in stock I it

B. Exner

I do not know what I should write.
1st are missing the words and 2. became me actual already all
I written wish you animal much power!

St. Hentschel

I sit now in my room and must think of it. Timbo
is with me and we both stood it yes of its friends
at the next, it so occurred in any case and I am us me also
Certain that it so was.
Irgenwie helps to write me it that of all because...I know
Also not who that does not want to read the solls remain let.
I can remember yet a special event on what
I always must think it was as I it not yet so long
we knew sat in the garden cottage in the large unit of
its papa we that had however not yet so the mood we
To second would have party can make it called of its mobile phone Ina at that came then also with jasmine on jasmine scooter.
We drank to 4th nen little erzählt,1-2 beer
and it was went jolly all at once Dominic out and came after
short time again purely I that saw it the Rollrschlüssel
Of jasmine in the hand had. I did must so as I once.
It gave me the key and I went with it hintendrauf until
to rust and back as we returned wait both
Girl and went were without words home you stocksauer.
We thought wade should ourselves it" and have the remainder beer
ausgetrunken. we Onkelz sang and was it such a crazy
I have have myself feeling before it also never embarrassed I it also
All told it supercool was to be had such a friend.
We went then at night with the bicycle to Kirchlengern
And pride gone around the Kartbahn it so there was to be worked.
Then we have ourselves around 12.00 clock an amplifier in the shop-window
Looked at and went was then home it so cool.
I always must howl myself if I at any actions
with it, I remember know not yet grasp must however it
Go on!
Also if it strangely listens to.

In deep sorrow
Your friend Michael

Well then I become also once nen little what write what I so
would think think fells already very prettily heavily if one one its
Very best friends lost I feel me really beschissen.
Dominic the supercoolste type was has really generally it much oak
sometimes would shit without end has however to its friends constructed he
ALWAYS I held miss it now already insane then
None was always soooo cool and jolly thereon like Mc Dodo.
Almost broken working has itself for its scooter.
Fretags evenings party and immediately mornings endure Saturday
Work shortly home at noon and after that equally further work.
And nevertheless always time for its friends now he is not
more there and there nen is now gigantic hole in me in us
That first of all totally blow does and closed will can by none.
Dominic was always underway and is heated through the area
until finally I goes once it think it now good and is in
Peace with all.
I can say are now only you the best and I become
You never vergessen!!!In of deep friendship and giganticer

Dei friend Timbo

For Dominic Schiermeier (sow of Timbo bush. I miss you suffers!

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