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  • For an entirely special person
    Why do you let me so alone?
    I need you yet so very!
    Also if I did not say it always
    But I love you and only you!
    What should I make then only without you?
    My heart is so heavy my head so empty.
    I miss laugh you your
    Your kisses and above all your vicinity!
    You are become no longer there yet I yourself ever
    Meet again?
    May we be united perhaps yet once?
    I will be able to love no person again soo!
    One cannot replace this dear!
    So much still had you before
    Still have once of ahead begun.
    Yet that became now void!
    Do you see me just?
    Do you think just of me?
    You can hear me
    Recognize and my feelings?
    What I would give for that
    To be able to take you once again into the arm
    To sense you!
    I would give everything for that really all!
    I always will love you!
    For always and eternally
    Until I die and finite again with you be may!
    I would like to scream seems loudly however it to hear no one my voice.
    I would like to cry are spilt however my tears a long time.
    I would like to continue would find YOU until I.
    I mö: chte around me do not strike goes however it.
    I would like to hear so gladly YOUR voice
    I would not like to store knows begin should my thoughts and memories of YOU in my head however I where I.
    I did not wish would be be fulfilled YOU again here however all wishes.
    But somewhere, sometime, in the night or at the day, we will meet again ourselves