Poem 1


Thought - moments, it will remind us always of you
A year passed now
Darkly and wolkenverhangen.
Where did the time remain?
It was a year of the longing and the fear
The pain where I driven also.
You went of us simply so
Without a word of the departure.
Yet you are caught deeply in my heart.
I never let you there out
For there you live in a beautiful house.
When I had to yield you
Also a part of me went.
The other is caught in this life.
YOU have leave behind a large hole
That is like thousand inscrutable lanes!
One day we are again together
therefrom I am convinced
I went once to you
all longing is
All pain scatters.

In immerwärender would love

I would like to scream seems loudly however it to hear no one my voice.

I would like to cry, but my tears are spilt a long time.

I would like to continue would find you until I.

I would not like to concern striking me however it.

I would not like would like to store knows begin should so gladly your voice hörenIch my thoughts and memories of you in my head however I where I.

I did not wish would be be fulfilled you again here however all wishes.

But somewhere sometime, in the night or at the day we will meet again ourselves, promised!

Thought - moments, it will remind us always of you
Happily and sadly make and us and forget let you never.

The traces of that are would love the only important in the life
That we leave behind if we must go unasked.

The prettiest monument
that a person get can
Stands in the hearts of the fellow men.

The traces of your words
The traces of your embrace
The traces of your laughing

If you regard the sky in night
it will be you
as all stars laughed because I live on one of them
Because I laugh on one of them.
You alone will have star that laugh can...
And if you you comforted one comforts himself always)
You happily will be known me to have.
And you will open sometimes your window
amuse...just so to that
And your friends will be astonished very
If it you see look at that the sky and laugh.
Then you will say: ,,Ja,die stars
that bring laugh me always to that!"

The little prince

of Antoine de Saint-Exupery

One cannot mitigate all pains
for some slink themselves deeply into the heart in
and during days and years verstreichen
They become stone.
The spring comes again with warmth and light
the world becomes a blossom sea
but in our heart, a place is
There does nothing bloom more.

Would dream, eternally would live as you.
Would live than would die you tomorrow.

James Dean

I had one at night a dream:

I went at the sea along with my gentleman.
Before the dark night sky erstrahlten, strip lights same
Pictures out of my life.
And each time I saw two foot traces in the sand
My characteristic and that of my gentleman.
When the last picture was passed at my eyes
I looked back.

I frightened discovered as I
that at many places of my life way
To see only a trace was.
And that were straight the heaviest of my life.
Concerned I asked the gentleman.

Gentleman as I began to follow you
there you promised me
To be on all ways with me.
But now I discover
that in the heaviest times of my life
To see only a trace in the sand is.

Why you let me alone
Did as I you most need?
There it answered: my dear child
I love you and would let you never alone
First quite not in needs and difficulties.
There where you only a trace seen have
There I carried you.


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