Poems 2

Cannot sleep, cannot eat
Cannot your eyes forget!
The time stands are quiet, you so distant
You are missing me so my little star!

I wished, I wär a tear of you.
Then I could linger in your eye
snuggle on your cheek
Die and on your lips!

If you die
Your body decomposes into many little asterisks.
And each that views then into the sky
Becomes immediately into it fall in love itself!

On a star so far so far
An angel sits and has you gladly.
Thinks of you and has you dearly
Cries because there is not you there!

When you became born
All stood around you around and laughed.
You lived so
that all around you cried
As you suddenly of us went!

God created sky and earth and gave three lights to them.
A little for the night
a large for the day
It put but the prettiest light into your eyes!

If little angels gehn sleep
One can see that at the sky.
For each angel, a star illuminates
And your I see especially gladly!
Vergiss me not!

Dear is like a rainbow:
It strikes the bridge between sky and earth


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