2Nd anniversary

Hello Dodo! Now it is itself soon so far, for it jährt to that 2. Time the day at that you of us go must.
It is not be may already the 3rd easter celebration in that you at the same time.

I have becomes the feeling this longing to sense this desire your vicinity always larger. The pain not generally wants to diminish.
I do not know what I should make, for it is to be grasped so heavily that you no longer wiederkommst.

I want to burden mama also not too very with my problems, for she has to fight even enough with all. I believe sets more simply processes at a father one it simply ahead that he the happened or am wegsteckt, but that not so.

But I want also not at all rumjammern, but rather therewith I only want to say is like heavily all for everyone. I hope are goes only that it you there where you now really well.

In any case we become on Friday so as well as actual every day in thought or at your quiet site with you be!

Into dear papas