Thought at my over all beloved son

I have you under pains born
And under yet much, much larger pain lost.
This pain remains for always.
I am sad over this loss
And that up to the end of my life!
I so often asked myself


Why you?

I got no answer on this question.
You gave me very much power
Otherwise I would not have been able to live on!
Show Dominic, only you alone, endlessly love that I you!
You are missing me very! I bete every day for you and all the other
That unasked out of this life torn became.

You gave me so much in your much to short life.
I am spend might gratefully for the time that I with you!
I think every day of you and miss you!
And where you now are, goes am convinced there it you good, therefrom I!

In more eternal dear, your mama! I will live in the hope to meet you sometime again!

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