Thought of your brother Tobias

It fells me to write down very heavily this!
At the 4.4.01, the tragedy happened
at this evening I was alone zuhaus
Mama and papa were all at once away
I saw out of the window, and blue light saw
Did I call papa and asked, what would be loose then?

It said constructed have that you an accident
I asked whether it badly is, it answered with YES.
I betete, but it did nothing help more.
I later called a good quarter of an hour papa
again on:

Did and ask what is then now? Is it dead?

YES papa said was missing, in meínem hearts all at once
An entirely large good fortune feeling, simply all away.
In the same evening, I called yet your best friend
Michael Kempe on and asked whether it can come
Because I was alone. It came immediately and was for me there
And it is today yet always for me there.

I do not come clearly with that what happened, Michael
the only, with which I speak over you and my feeling, is
Can. I visit often the accident place that lies me very at the heart.
Mama and papa have also very heavily! Through you, I have
Correct friends who become acquainted with erstemal.
I never would have kept in mind, so be lacking become that you!
You gave me something
That no one other give can me.


Only The Best Die Too Early

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