Thought of a father

sep. 1984

As I at that 4. April at the accident place suspected arrived I already what entirely bad.
My first thoughts were was entirely bad like I you in the wheelchair spazierenfahre, but that it
On that I did not believe.
About 10 minutes the need physician later came then and climbed in the rescue vehicle. I saw through the disk
how it looked at you and shook then with the head
-There I knew is it all from.

I concerned sat to mama that in Karl in the car its that
Deliver to message, but like?
I addressed it and there also it knew it.

Mama almost is collapsed and stood I
Helplessly beside it.

Somewhat later I have you then yet in the need physician vehicle
Looked at. I have this view so often before that
Eyes that I it probably forgotten would not become.

We are then with Karl, yards Björn and Melanie after
Houses gone. The four have the half night with
Cried us. I have all possible in the night
People called did not know because I what I make
should there fell called grandma Elli an it on and it came me
Immediately. Grandma knew advanced what in us there it almost up
The day 5.4.1974 the same fate encountered.
At that time its son became my brother of one
Drunk over load.

At the next day, we had the house of full people
Sit and were everyone endlessly sad!
Your classes teacher came out with a delegation
Your class and I something told you over the scooter load.
At noon Mr. Albrecht and Mr. crow were then
there," you told that it the school closed
Have, was because no one in the situation something to learn.

The day of the burial came.

We were to be made ourselves just at the same time ready as it
Rang. I opened and your large brother Thorsten
to that we some time no contact intended stood
Me. It cried and went me it not differently. It is
that damages one first through such an occurrence again

In the burial, very many persons were and I
that was say wanted me so confused I grandma that something
Not at all seen would have. Thanks I would like yet Tobias
legends of that the funeral ceremony to a large degree with shape

That thanks also at your friends you at your coffin
Your favorite songs sung have, am (I in you
and the best die young) both pieces of Böhse
Also now after eight months, I go yet
To visit often to the cemetery around you. Sometimes can
I it well, another time however I do not hope for that
you have understanding if I would not create it to that
To go cemetery I visit YOU simply up
Homepage that we thanks to the aid of Karin Zilch
Erecting could. I think felled the HP you also.

For us, it is also a part around the sorrow working to

Feel thanks at all that with us and for each
comforting words


Your papa

Enclosed once again a special thank pretty at Karin Zilch
without whose aid the creation of these homepages not possible
Been would be!

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