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Newspaper report and feelings of the family
Actually I know begin should not I at all quite where.
But as Dominicçs memory cross in September 2001
without a trace of the accident place disappeared, was us already
Strangely too courage.

Who does so something?
And why?

We asked ourselves thousand questions.

Dominic it had was chosen yet no enemies everywhere!

Was it or arranged against us?

We cannot explain that until today to ourselves.

A year later happened it again!

In September 2002 in the night to Dominicçs 18. birthday
The cross was destroyed. We were entire finished
And also today I do not keep in mind gladly.

That not yet really can be.
Even any Randalierer would become at such a place
make stop Or not?

Dominic´s friends and its brother these have it at that time
Gedenstätte set.
It should on IT remember and warn others always attentively
To go through the streets!

Does one therewith blow want to do us?
It is yet so already heavy enough!
We never will get probably an answer on that.

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